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Awards & Achievements

We are always delighted when our work is recognised; likewise we always celebrate and encourage our students' accomplishments.


Please find below some of the Ariel triumphs:


  • KalliKids Awards – awarded best UK Theatre Class in 2014 & 2015

  • County Times Community Awards – Ariel’s Othello Buddies won best Volunteer Group in 2015.

  • Mid Sussex Young Volunteer of the Year Awards 2016 – award won by Ariel Othellos' Buddy, Bill Gankerseer

  • BBC Sussex & Surrey Community Heroes' Awards 2015 – recognition certificates to Othellos' Buddies.

  • East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival 2016 – Ariel students win top place in every Musical Theatre category.

  • Lady Diana Award for Excellence – awarded twice to Othellos' Buddies, beating over 3,000 candidates.

  • Community Organisation Nominees at The National Diversity Awards. Shortlisted from 64,000 nominations.


Attending Ariel has also assisted many students to improve their grades in GCSE and A Level Drama, Dance and Music exams.

The Ariel ethos is to be part of the wider community and to give something back.  Over the years we have supported many worthwhile causes including national campaigns and those closer to our hearts.


These have included raising £46,000 for the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School to support the school’s Performing Arts' programme, raising money for The Angus Rowland Forget Me Not fund and supporting the Matthew Russo Foundation, in memory of one of our students.


 As of September 2015, for the Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice and during our first year Ariel has raised over £5,000.

Our current chosen charity is The kangaroos. They support children and young adults from age 6 upwards with a wide range of learning difficulties and special needs including autism, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, challenging behaviour and complex medical conditions.

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